Trout Fishing Tips - Clothing Tips

"The clothing you wear when fishing can have an impact on how well doyou do on the day."

Clothing tips

  1. Wear all camo clothing.  Sneak up quietly and gently let your line out and cast it in the water.  Wait 30 seconds once you get a nibble and after that 30 seconds pull your line to see if the fish is still on, if the fish is on pull the line tight and give it a nice tugg.  I use this all the time.  It works!  You need to try it! But remember this is for little streams! - Luke

  2. Trout can't see blue or green very well. Wearing green or blue will increase your chances of catching a fish because they can't see you. Tight Lines! -Orrin

  3. Experts recommend for lightweight garments worn in layers because heavy woollen pullovers could become more heavy and difficult to remove if you fall in the water during the course of your adventurous sport.

  4. On your fishing trip, irrespective of the fishing environments, your clothes should be warm, comfortable and easily layered. If you are using clothes in layers, it is easy to remove if there is extreme heat or cold, especially when you are on the ice-fishing spree.

  5. If you are trying for a fly-fishing trip, it is recommended that your shirts should have large pockets for fly boxes, and lightweight and breathable underwear should be used.

  6. Think that you are looking for an outdoor sport and be ready to welcome rains. Pack an anorak!.

  7. On top of this, good footwear is a must for all fishing jobs. You can also wear a hat in order to avoid extreme heat or cold.

  8. Experts recommend for a boot that come half way up the calf with a good warm liner. Also, looking for toe-warmers, disposable-heating packets that can be put between the bottom of the feet and the boot will ensure additional comfort for you. Toe-warmers can be used as hand warmers if you can put inside your gloves.

  9. Your head can suck lots of heat and cold. Be it warm on the cold conditions. You need to have a couple of hats, if possible. It can be made either of wool or cotton though cotton may not work great when it is wet.

  10. Thermal underwear in multiple layers is also recommended to ensure protection to your body. Cotton should be avoided near your skin.

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