Trout Fishing Tips - River

"The beauty of a river makes it an attractive proposition for the fisherman."

River tips

  1. For river fishing your ideal fly fishing rod is fairly short, around 7' to 9' is fine for small streams, brooks and burns.
  2. Tips for fishing on the river
  3. In windy conditions, the boat should point into the wind, and approach should be slow, steady to make boat run easy.
  4. Always use a grub with a strong, sharp hook when fishing weighty ones. Fine-wire hooks are easily get flattened by bigger fishes. Thin-wire hooks are better ones, as they get into easily and swiftly.
  5. Larger grubs are always better to catch big fishes in rivers and high streams.
  6. The grubs are best suited for clear water fishing. The grubs are most commonly used for fishing in deep waters, but with experienced hands, it can also be used as effectively in shallow water as well.
  7. Tube jigs are your better option for clear water fishing, where the water usually not deep.
  8. Use heavier leaps always when fishing through heavy foliage.
  9. For better catch, always try to tighten your pull down initially for better hook , then leave it go off during the fight.
  10. Fish moves very fast. Once the fish rescues herself, stop reeling and let the fish wear out, and try the grab once the fish gets close to the boat.
  11. When going for the bigger trawl, try to use tube as an extension to the rod and retrieve.
  12. During spring season, always fish uphill. The position of the tip of your boat should be towards shallow water and cast of the boat towards deep water, and run your boat downward during the fall season.
  13. Always sharpen your hooks in advance to make sure you have maximum hookup possible. It is extremely important to make your hooks razor-sharp enough, because if the hook is somewhat dull then possibility of missing a catch greatly increases.
  14. Fishing in crystal clear waters is always a tough job.
  15. Fishing at night is usually practiced in deeper, clear highland pools, where the weather is hot during daytime. Thus, making night fishing beneficial to find a catch.
  16. Also try to master tying good knots to make your fishing fruitful.
  17. When tying your hooks, use a egg loop snell. The benefit of using the egg loop snell is that with positioning egg roe into the loop makes the hook entirely exposed. Thus, it ensures enhanced chances of hook ups once the fish hits your roll.
  18. Always maintain the best gear possibly you can afford. Make sure the drags on the reels are good enough to gear heavier catch.
  19. Always re-spool with fresh line every year. The old line gets weaker with time, when it is stored, or exposed to light or if kept coiled firmly on the spool. So, always try to use fresh spool every year you out for fishing.


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