Trout Fishing Tips - Seasons

"Which season you are fishing in will have a big impact on the way you fish"

Ideal trout hunting – which Season

Before planning a trout-hunting tour, you need to understand a little geography of the lakes and the climatic conditions favorable for trout hunting. The conditions may vary according to the trout species also.

Spring is the ideal season for your trout hunt. Once the ice melts, the trout move towards the shallow shoreline and reefs, and they enjoy the warmth there till early summer. Plan your target at depths shallower than 30 feet. The perfect time is the dawn or dusk as the trout remain active in these times, but the lake trout can be caught any time during the day, except morning. In mid spring you need to move up to 35 to 45 feet deep, and in the late spring about 50 to 65 feet deep. The depth may vary slightly in different lakes. All common species such as lake trout, splake (a hybrid of lake trout and brook trout), rainbow trout, and brook trout can be found at these depths in the spring.

In summer, as they move deeper to enjoy the coolness, you need to target well below 40 feet at least. But don’t assume that they are at the bottommost part of the lake. This is a misconception. The trout normally stay in the 53o layer of the lake. This is because the small baitfish remain suspended here in the summer, and the trout mainly feed on them. Lake trout normally hit the prey in the morning, before 10:30 AM. The result will be better if the lake is calm and the sky is very clear. Brown trout are mostly active in the dusk. The ideal fishing time for Splake is till the end of May whereas that of rainbow trout is June and July and for the brook trout is June and early July. Brook trout have a tendency to hide near submerged boulders. Keep a watch on them!

September and October
This is the period spawning, and because of the urge for reproduction, they come to the shallower upper layers or rocky shorelines. Rainbows are not the favorites for the anglers during this period, though a good fishing may be possible. Brook trout and splake find streams sutiable for their spawning, and so they move towards the streams. At the joints, you can catch them easily. Brown trout are available throughout September and October at the shallow shorelines.

The lake trout is found in depths 15 to 40 feet during all winter. Rainbow trout roam just below the ice. The ideal ice-fishing period for brook trout and splake is just after the opening of winter fishing season in January. Brook trout is found at a depth less than 10 feet whereas splake may go deeper than this.

Best bets

  1. Rainbows for starters in June. Use inflated nightcrawlers to catch them.
  2. Turnip, Thrush, and Boys lakes north of Grand Marais are the best places (if you have the permission) for big brookies. Best fly fishing in June.
  3. Brown trout are to be caught at night using big lures such as mouse imitations or crankbaits.

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