Trout Fishing Tips - Trout Types

"There are a number of different types of trout which people regularly fish for."

Trout is the common name given to a number of species of freshwater fish belonging to the salmon family, Salmonidae.

All fish properly called trout are members of the subfamily Salmoninae, but the name is used for fish from all three genera in the sub-family: Salmo, which includes Atlantic species; Oncorhynchus, which includes Pacific species; and Salvelinus, which includes fish referred to as char or charr. Fish referred to as trout include:

* Genus Salmo
o Adriatic trout - Salmo obtusirostris
o Brown trout -Salmo trutta
o Marmorata or Soča trout - Salmo trutta marmoratus
o Flathead trout - Salmo platycephalus
o Ohrid trout - Salmo letnica
o Sevan trout - Salmo ischchan

* Genus Oncorhynchus
o Apache trout
o Cutthroat trout
o Gila trout
o Golden Trout
o Rainbow trout

* Genus Salvelinus (Char)
o Aurora trout
o Brook trout
o Bull trout
o Dolly Varden trout
o Lake trout
o Silver trout (extinct)

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